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This page serves as a hub portal for the esoteric programming community.


The esoteric programming community has several means of communication in addition to this wiki (the articles and their associated talk pages). Here are the most important ones:



#esoteric on

The #esoteric IRC channel on freenode is currently the most active esoteric programming forum. You can join without an IRC client by clicking the #esoteric link above.

Any changes to this wiki are automatically announced on the channel, which makes it a nice way to keep track of what's new.

Logs of the IRC channel can be found at, (up to 2016-04), and (from 2019-10).

The channel is visited by a large number of bots, including fungot, HackEso, EgoBot, lambdabot, thutubot, metasepia, idris-bot, myndzi, jconn, and j-bot.

Others (Unofficial)

#esocrypt on

The #esocrypt IRC channel on freenode is currently a largely inactive forum for discussing Esoteric Cryptological Systems. You can join without an IRC client by clicking the #esocrypt link above.

Discord server

The unofficial Esolangs Discord server is currently the only active Discord server for the purposes of talking about anything related to esoteric languages, including code golfing. You can join by creating a Discord account and clicking the link above.


The alt.lang.intercal newsgroup (online archive) is used for discussing both INTERCAL and other esoteric languages.


Although it was born and bred to be the hub for programming challenges rather than specifically for esolanging, a small community of esolangers has taken root at the Code Golf & Coding Challenges StackExchange, and many of the esolangs on this wiki (especially most of the golfing langs) were created by its users. Esolanging in particular are discussed in the Esoteric Programming Languages Chat Room.


There is an esoteric file archive of implementations, programs, web sites and other related files.

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