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My username is incorrect because of technical limitations. The correct username is ais523.

I'm ais523. I created the following esoteric programming languages:

and likely several more I haven't got around to documenting yet. I may also, at some point, finish creating Feather, but I try not to think about it as it makes me go insane. (Update: in the last few years, I've become increasingly certain that Feather doesn't actually work. That's something of a relief as it means I don't have to think about it any more.)

I reached this wiki when looking up INTERCAL, and am a current maintainer of C-INTERCAL.

I am also an administrator on this wiki; previously this mostly involves cleaning up after spambots, but after the wiki moved to its current server, the spam protections were improved a lot, and so the spam problem has reduced significantly. (I'm ready to put in anti-spambot rules if necessary, though.) Let me know if you need an admin action done (block/unblock, protect/unprotect, delete/undelete, or various more obscure actions); I'm typically the most active of Esolang's admins.

Some of the easiest ways to contact me are via IRC (I'm usually on #esoteric on the Freenode IRC network,, as "ais523"); email (if you're logged in on this wiki and have an email address verified, visit Special:Emailuser/Ais523; note that using that form will show me your email address, so that I can reply); and wiki talk page (edit User talk:ais523, and I'll see your message and be able to send replies via your own talk page, or on mine if you don't have an account).