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Trans-dimensional is an esolang based on dimensions. You can create a new dimension but you cannot destroy it. You can also throw a bunch of stuff into it and get a bunch of stuff from it.

Command reference:

Command Description
dimension NAME Creates a new dimension responding to the identifier NAME.
get [NAME : POSITION] If a dimension with the NAME as well as the POSITION exists, returns its value; otherwise this operation is omitted.
put [NAME : POSITION] -> VALUE Puts the VALUE into the memory addressed identified by the dimension NAME and its POSITION. The dimension-position twain's absence leads to the operation's ineffectuality.
output VALUE Adds the VALUE to the output stream. If referencing an absent memory cell, the operation remains ineffectual.


Hello, World!

dimension X;
put [X:1] -> "Hello, World!";
output get [X:1];

Cell Query

dimension X;
dimension Y;
put [X:1] -> -0.5;
put [Y:2] -> get [X:1];
output get [Y:2];


  • Common Lisp implementation of the Trans-dimensional programming language.