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Hey, this is a very nice language. I actually had a very similar idea quite awhile ago and never pursued it. Glad to see that someone has made this. Poking around with the language, I have found several features that were either poorly documented or not documented at all. I'm aware that you just barely added this language, so I understand, but I am deeply interested, and would love to see this properly documented. Additionally, I can honestly see this language becoming a serious thing with a few modifications, such as library support, more block types (such as for, while, and functions), less "greedy" whitespace, and proper order of operations. I know this things would make it less esoteric, and so it's all up to your vision of what you want this language to be, but I would love to see a completely serious fork of this. Enoua5 (talk) 02:52, 29 August 2017 (UTC)