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Hello, my beautiful world!


Languages I know

Language How well I know it
HTML/CSS Well, they're HTML/CSS
JavaScript Very well!
C++ Passing
Java Good
Python Passing, but I don't like it
TI Basic Never really use it
Bash Enough to use Linux efficiently
Brainf*** Don't we all?

Languages created

Name Year of Creation Type Link
Factory 2016 TC Esolang Factory
GrapeJuice 2016 Non-Esolang, but sucks Grapejuice
Shuffle 2016 Esolang Shuffle
FFM/FFB 2017 Finite-State Automata FFM/FFB
IOTA-C0 2018 TC Esoteric Processor IOTA-C0



Instrument How well I play it
Piano Very well!
Trombone Pretty good


I compose music for piano, and post my compositions to my YouTube channel