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Interpreter bug

There's a nice, subtle bug in the de-facto interpreter (, for the \ instruction. The backslash at the end of line 61 extends the // comment to also cover line 62, so the ++ptr; statement gets skipped, and as a result \ uses the wrong tape offsets, and implicitly moves the tape pointer left by one.

Offending code:

 } else if (current_char == '\\') { //Same as /, except popped, also, i used an excapecode here to get past \

(A \ at the end of a line is treated as a line-continuation character by C. You can see this in action in the syntax highlighting at pastebin.) FIXED in new version (

--fizzie (talk) 15:29, 28 April 2016 (UTC)


All bugs should be reported to my (moon's) talk page, not here, it will help