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TLOWScript is a programming language designed to meet the following criteria:

  • All programs in TLOWScript must start with This is TLOWScript, otherwise the interpreter/compiler will output NotTLOWException followed by a line break, then exit.
  • All non-alphanumeric/whitespace characters are ignored by the TLOWScript interpreter/compiler.
  • Contains an integer datatype of at least 64 bits.
  • Ability to multiply, add, subtract and integer divide two values and store the output somewhere.
  • Storage of at least 3 values.
  • Ability to copy values from one variable/register to another variable/register without affecting anything else.
  • Ability to print any integer storable by the integer datatype.
  • Ability to print any alphanumeric character.
  • Contains arbitrary conditionals or equivalent
  • Contains some form of goto/loop/recursion
  • Everything in the interpreter except for the main function definition, reading a command line argument, and reading the file must be accomplished in 10 lines or less.

The criteria were created by User:hanss314 for his ongoing TLOW (: Ten Lines Of Wisdom) competition, to be found on Discord here. Contestants were required to submit an interpreter for TLOWScript, which was then tested before a voting process started among all members of the Discord server the competition was/is run on. The implementation of TLOWScript submitted by user Milo Jacquet won and was therefore crowned TLOWScript.

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Arch Linux package containing all varieties of TLOWScript

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