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This is still a work in progress. It may be changed in the future.

TEPCS (Tilde, Exclamation Point, Caret, Semicolon) is an incomplete programming language created by User:Cortex at around midnight, November 4, 2018. Its file extention is .~~~, and only four unique characters (other than inputs) are used:

  • ~, used in command names
  •  !, used to terminate commands
  • ^, used to separate the command name to the input(s)
  •  ;, used to indicate a variable as opposed to a string where necessary (~^;x;! would print the value of variable x) (inputs are strings by default)

Hello World program:

~^Hello, World!!

99 Bottles of Beer:

~^;bot; bottles of beer on the wall, ;bot; bottles of beer!
~^Take one down, pass it around,!
~^;bot; bottles of beer on the wall!
~^1 bottle of beer on the wall, 1 bottle of beer
~^Take one down, pass it around, no bottles of beer on the wall!

List of commands

  • ~~~!: Starts the program
  • ~^x!: Prints "x" to the console
  • ~~^x^y!: Declares variable x with value y
  • ~~~~^x^y^z!: If z is "+", y will be added to x (x can be a variable), if z is "-", y will be subtracted from x, same with * and /
  • ~~~~~^s^5!


~~~~~^e^0!: Prints "x" 5 times; first input defines whether to start or end a loop, "s" to start, "e" to end. Second input is how many times to repeat (starts at 1, not 0) (second input is ignored if the first input is "e")

  •  ;^!X: Input ignored, used only for comments