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Symbol+Lang is an esolang made by Mihai Popa. The goal of this is to have a language that looks slimiar to Fish and Befunge. Whitespace, tabs and line-feeds are not required but these make the code better to read.


Command list
Command Meaning Example
"text"> Prints a text "Hello!">
$"notimes" Start of for loop $5
*$ End of for loop *$
@"varname"#"varvalue" Defines a variable and sets to a value @Hello#5
?"varname" Prints a variable ?Hello
/"varname"\ Gives user input for a variable /Hello\
['] Clears the screen [']
%"Text" Marks a single line comment %"Hello!"
:"variable"="value" Start of while loop if a variable equal to a value :c=3
*. Break a loop *.
"variable"="value" If a variable is equal to a value a=5
"variable"~="value" If a variable is not equal to a value b~=7
\= Else \=


Hello, world!

"Hello, world!">



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