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QWERTYUIOP is a semi-joke esoteric programming language created by Cinnamony. QWERTYUIOP is designed to look like keyboard mashing.


Q - Print ascii of memory slot

W - Clear memory slot to 0

E - Increase memory slot by 1

R - Increase memory slot by 10

T - Increase memory slot by 100

Y - Decrease memory slot by 1

U - Decrease memory slot by 10

I - Decrease memory slot by 100

O - Set memory slot to random number between -100 and 100

P - Print number of memory slot

A;; - Repeats code inside the ;s forever

S"" - If memory slot is less than 50 than run the code in the "s

D[[ - If memory slot is 50 or more than 50 than run the code in the [s

F - Terminate code

G - Repeat last command 2 times

H - Repeat last command 3 times

J - Repeat last command 4 times

K - Repeat last command 10 times

L - Print “lasagna”

Z - Quine, prints out “Z”

X - Prints the entirety of 99 bottles of beer on the wall

C - Prints out fizzbuzz

V - Asks for users number input and saves to memory slot

B - Skip the next command

N - Skip the previous command

M - Prints out the lyrics to Show Yourself, an Among Us animation



This prints out Fizzbuzz, decreases memory slot (memory slot -100), skips the previous command (memory slot 0), skips the previous command (memory slot -100) and repeats printing the lyrics to Show Yourself (doesnt change the memory slot because the randomizer command is skipped).


This prints out Lasagna, the memory slot is less than 0 so it repeats doing nothing forever (The repeat last command 2 times is skipped by an N, and even if it weren't skipped it wouldn't do anything)


The memory slot is less than 0, so it can repeat the last command 3 times, which does nothing, set memory slot to random number between -100 and 100, and clears the memory slot. It then decreases the memory slot (memory slot -1), randomizes the memory slot from -100 to 100, decreases the memory slot by 10 (memory slot from -110 to 90), increases the memory slot by 10 (memory slot from -100 to 100), and does not run ELF. Oh wait, speaking of elves:


This increases memory slot by 1, prints "lasagna", and terminates the code. How neat!

How to do things

Print out a letter

Let's say you want to print out the letter N. The letter N's ASCII code is 078, so you would do this:


It clears the memory slot to 0, adds 100, subtracts 10 2 times, and subtracts 1 2 times.

Other things

Lets say, if the user inputted number is over fifty or equal to fifty, repeat printing out "lasagna" forever.


Hello World script


I might have made some errors.

99 Bottles of Beer


That's it. Just one command followed by an executor.



I might have gotten a little bored...

Truth machine

There we go, an actual challenge.




Too easy.