Pico Scheme

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Pico Scheme
Paradigm(s) functional
Designed by Joshua Cogliati
Appeared in 2021
Computational class Turing complete
Reference implementation rust pr7rs
Influenced by Scheme
File extension(s) .scm

Pico Scheme is a minimalist purely functional version of Scheme, with all non-functional features removed. The syntax and semantics are defined both informally and in formal extended BNF and denotational semantics.

Abstract Syntax

  • K ∈ Con: constants, including quotations
  • I ∈ Ide: identifiers (variables)
  • E ∈ Exp: expressions
  • ∆ ∈ Dec: declarations

Exp → K | I | (E0 E*) | (lambda (I*) ∆* E0) | (lambda I ∆* E0) | (if E0 E1 E2) | (if E0 E1 )

Dec → (define I E0 )


Hello, World!

 (display '(Hello World!))


 (Hello World!)

Y combinator and Factorial

 (let ((Y (lambda (phi)
            ((lambda (f) (f f))
             (lambda (f)
                (phi (lambda x (apply (f f) x))))))))
    (let ((fact
           (Y (lambda (fact)
                (lambda (n)
 	    	       (if (< n 2) 1
                  (* n (fact (- n 1)))))))))
       (fact 5)))

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