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Pairs is an esoteric programming language created by User:Avuxo based on creating binary numbers using characters. To create a 1 use two of the same character in a sequence -- Ex: 'ff', '$$', or '55'. To create a 0 use two different characters in a sequence -- Ex: 'e#', 'rd', or 'n4'. Opcodes and operands are formed in 8-bit sequences (16 characters) and each is separated by a space Ex: 0 is HALT, 1 is store .. 10 is add , 11 is add <register(src)> <register(dest)>, etc.

Pairs is something of a reverse-golf language as it produces abnormally large programs (each binary digit requires 2 characters) This means that each bit in the program takes 16 bits to be represented

Hello World in Pairs

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