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Nine (Next Line) is an esoteric programming language, created by User:CMinusMinus.


Instruction Action
#VAR.VAL VAR = VAL ("_" is replaced with a space)
#VAR+<value> VAR += <value>
#VAR-<value> VAR -= <value>
#VAR.* VAR = user-input
$VAR$ Call a variable
>TEXT Print Text
>TEXT* Print Text without \n
>$VAR$ Print Variable
>$VAR$* Print Variable without \n
! One line down
end End program
(A|B) if A = B, one line down
(A%B) if A % B = 0, one line down
; Begin of a comment, have to be at the start of a line
~INSTRUCTION Run a command once (Then ignored in main-loop)

A program is running infinitely, until the "end" command. With this, you are able to easily run a while loop.

Every instruction got no spaces, so its possible to write those next to each other, separated with a space, for example:



>Hello,_World! end


Hello, World!

>Hello,_World! end


~#num.1 #num+1 >$num$
($num$%3) >Fizz
($num$%5) >Buzz
($num$%15) >FizzBuzz



Fibonacci numbers

~#a.0 ~#b.1
#c.$a$ #a.$b$ #b+$c$

Swapping the Words "Good" and "Bad"

($word$|Bad) >Good end
>Bad end

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