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An esolang created for fun. Pronounciated as [d zh i t e d zh i k s]. Inspired by Brainfuck. Probably not turing complete, who knows.

The name was chosen while randomly typing letters.

Extensions: .jj, .j, none.


Only 256 cells, wrap around. Cell values 0-255, wrap around.

At beginning: all cells with the value of their index: [0,1,2,3,4,5,...254,255].

There is stack = 0, acts like a cell.

Can access stdout, not stdin.


Command Action
+ increase, but increases twe two neighbour cells
- the same with decrease
& swap two neighbour cells
/ add value of current cell to stack
\ copy value from stack to cell
* multiplies values of neighbour cells

and adds to current cell

% restore original value of current cell
_ set cell to zero
? proof boolean of current cell and skip to next : if false
# proof boolean of stack
! print char
> move one cell right
< same to left
^ move so much to the right, as much the value is in stack
@ move to cell with index of current value
~ decrease stack
$ jump to last ? or #

All other chars are ignored completely.

Hello World

"Hello World!\n" - example written in jitejix that shows its functionality:


Sure can be written shorter.


Currently an interpreter available for my language, written in python and javascript.

To use it, do:

$ python3 jitejix.py <filename>


$ node jitejix.js <filename>

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