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JR is a Deadfish variant with more commands.


Commands are made up of one character. Just type the symbol.

Data is stored in an 8-cell array. Use the < and > commands to change cells.

Line breaks and spaces can be used to format code.


There are 10 commands recognized by JR:

Command Function Deadfish command
[ Decrements the current cell. d
] Increments the current cell. i
; Squares the current cell. s
. Prints the current cell numerically. o
, Prints the current cell as ASCII.  
@ Resets the current cell to 0.  
! Prints the source of your program.  
~ Clears the console.  
< Moves the cell pointer to the left.  
> Moves the cell pointer to the right.  

Sample programs

Hello World




External resources

Online JR Interpreter (written by Ethan, the author of the language)(dead link)

Common Lisp implementation of the JR programming language.