Inverted Logic

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Inverted Logic is a language made by User:PinkysWorld that reverses booleans and flips the sign of numbers. It is like Boobeans, although their commands are different.


Command Description Examples
and Prints a nand b. true and true
nand Prints a and b. true nand true
or Prints a or b. true or true
nor Prints a nor b. true nor true
xor Prints a xor b. true xor true
xnor Prints a xnor b. true xnor true
true Prints false. true
false Prints true. false
print Prints anything after the word 'print'. print apple
println Same as print but adds a newline afterwards. println apple
printsp Same as print but adds a space afterwards. printsp apple
keywords Prints every keyword that is available. keywords
errorcodes Prints all error codes. errorcodes
exit Ends the program. end
; Comment! ; This is a comment

Example Programs

Hello World

print Hello World


I've decided to put the interpreter here because it takes up a lot of space. Also, the code is written in Java.