From INTERCAL to LOLCODE: The Esoteric Programming Story

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From INTERCAL to LOLCODE: The Esoteric Programming Story is a concept documentary from User:Star651 in 2012. No filming has been done yet, but the concept is down.


Just as documentaries about text adventure games, Wikipedia, ASCII-based bulletin board system communication, the lives of musicians, and much more have been done, this would be a documentary about the very underground esoteric programming scene, starting with the prehistory, then focusing more heavily on INTERCAL, the first esolang to be called an esolang. Then the humorous Info World article from the 1980s will be covered, then the infamous languages of the 1990s. Then, the topic of internet-based creation of esolangs will come up, with the mailing lists and forums, eventually making our way to this very wiki. Things such as the Essies will be covered, and, as the title suggests, everything from the old language INTERCAL to the modern-day esolang LOLCODE. Hopefully many interviews will be done, and those clips will be in the movie.

Stretching the concept

Any potential movie directors, producers, interviewers, interviewees, etc. can post on this article's talk page.