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Esolang is mostly a wiki like any other, but we do have some site specific policies, which are summarized here. Please see the help page for general information on editing, and read the articles to absorb our style.

Policy summary

  • All content must be public domain or equivalent.
  • Articles should be on the subject of esoteric programming languages, or about subjects relevant to these, for example computation theory.
  • Articles on languages you made yourself are encouraged, unlike for example Wikipedia. However, these may still be mercilessly edited by others. In most cases this is a good thing.
  • Please do not add new category pages without discussing them in Esolang talk:Categorization.
  • General links to people should be to a standard namespace article on them, if one exists, and to their user page otherwise. When linking to a user page, the User: prefix should be visible on the link.
  • When in doubt, play it safe and take the path of least resistance, which probably means just forgetting about it and closing your browser. Also, be bold in editing pages.
  • Don't create multiple accounts as a method of hiding your actions. (Using multiple accounts for more legitimate reasons, e.g. because you forgot the password to an old account, is acceptable.)
  • Don't submit private information (e.g. picture or exact location) of yourselves or others to this wiki, and if you can, check and double check the metadata of an image to ensure that there isn't any private information in it before uploading it.