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Esolang inventors and authors may have their own pages in the standard namespace. This is most useful so you can look at "What links here" and find the other esolang-related activities of the person. These pages should be in Category:People.

Good content for such a page would include a list of the esoteric programming languages the person has invented or worked on and possibly a bit of interesting trivia. These pages should be biographical, not personal, and should be written, Wikipedia-style, from a neutral point of view. (Contrast user pages, like User:Graue, which are more like personal home pages and are typically edited only by the user. Also, user pages don't exist for anyone who does not participate in the wiki.)

If the person does participate in the wiki, a link to their user page is acceptable, but it should be obvious where the link leads; i.e., the "User:" part of the link should not be hidden. For example,

Catatonic Porpoise invented the esolangs {list their names} and participates in the Esolang wiki as User:Graue.