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Creator and Name

Enrtopy is an esoteric language created by the User:Esolang1. It was designed to be a version of Entropy that actually works. The name is a reference of Truttle1's youtube video explaining Entropy. (link below). (E1-0003)



Syntax is equal to Entropy.


   Real     A floating point number. Only greater than and less than comparisons are possible.
   Char     A real variable, which returns the corresponding character.
   String   An array of character datatypes.


In order to use a variable, the variable must be declared.

   declare <NAME> <TYPE>;

After declaring the variable, it can be used.

   let <NAME> = <VALUE>;
   let <NAME> = <EQUATION>;


There is no instruction related to getting an input in Entropy (and Enrtopy). The print; instruction can be used like this:

   print <NAME>;
   print <STRING>;


Hello, World!

   Program MyNamespace MyProgram [
       print "Hello, World";

Because there are no random changes in variable values, this program will always print out Hello, World.

99 Bottles of Beer

   Program Rottytooth NinetyNineBottles [
       declare count real;
       let count = 99;
       while count > 0
   	    if count < 99 
   		   print count;
   		   print " bottles of beer on the wall.\n";
   	    print count;
   	    print " bottles of beer on the wall, ";
   	    print count;
   	    print " bottles of beer.\nTake one down, pass it around, ";
   	    let count = count - 1;
       print " no more bottles of beer on the wall.";

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