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Emoji is a stack-based esoteric programming language that uses emoji to manipulate the stack. In most cases, non-emoji characters are ignored.


πŸ’¬: Read until the next πŸ’¬ and puts that string onto the stack

β›½: Reads until the next 🚘 and puts that string onto the stack (can be nested, meant for storing functions)

➑: Prints a value from the stack

🚲: Puts True onto the stack

🚳: Puts False onto the stack

🚴: Inverts a boolean value from the stack

πŸ‘«: Adds two numbers from the stack

πŸ‘ͺ: Multiplies two numbers from the stack

🌊: Subtracts two numbers from the stack

🍴: Divides two numbers from the stack

πŸ’Έ: Divides two numbers from the stack, returns the remainder

πŸ’Ώ: Rounds a number to the nearest integer

πŸ“₯: Rounds down a number from the stack

πŸ“€: Rounds up a number from the stack

πŸ‚: Converts a number to a hex string

πŸ”’: Converts a string to a number

πŸ‘¬: Checks if two numbers are equal

🐣: Checks if a number is less than another

πŸ”: Checks if a number is greater than another

πŸ”š: Takes a boolean from the stack. If false, skips to the next 🐧.

πŸ”™: If the last πŸ”š did not skip past stuff, skip to the next 🐧.

πŸ”ƒ: Takes two strings from the stack. Runs the first, takes a boolean. If true, runs the second and repeats.

πŸ‘₯: Duplicates a stack entry

πŸ”£: Converts a character to its character code

πŸ”: Converts a character code to its character

πŸ“²: Takes two objects, saves the first to a variable identified by the second

πŸ“±: Takes an object, returns the value from the variable by that name

πŸ“ƒ: Returns the length of a string or array from the stack

βœ‚: Takes a string and two numbers. Returns the substring from the string from the first number (inclusive) to the second number (exclusive).

πŸƒ: Evaluates a string

πŸ“š: Creates an empty array.

πŸ“Œ: Takes an array and an object. Adds the object to the end of the array. Does not return anything, you'll want to use variables with this.

πŸ”‘: Takes an array or string and an index. Returns the value at that index.

πŸ”€: Swaps two elements on the stack.

πŸ”Š: Capitalize a string.

πŸ”‰: Change a string to lowercase.


Hello World

πŸ’¬Hello WorldπŸ’¬βž‘


[1] An Emoji interpreter written in python