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Dick is an esoteric programming language created by User:Cybertelx on 5th December, 2020. It is a language with variables. A really bad interpreter made by me is on npm as "dicklang". Commands must be separated by \n (newline) or carriage return.


You can create a variable like this:

DICK <varname> <value>

An example of this would be:

DICK dick 8===D

The only type of value in Dicklang is integers, as I am too lazy to implement strings or floats. A value is represented like ASCII dicks:


The amount of "=" (equal) signs there are in the ASCII dick, the higher the value. In this case, it is 6.

However, to use the variable, you must GRAB it. The dick is now in your hand and you are able to modify its value, then release it to change the variable's.

GRAB dick -> The value of the hand is overwritten by the value of the variable "dick". In this scenario, it is 3.
LONGDICK 8==D -> hand = hand + 2
RELEASE dick -> The value of the hand does not change, however the "dick" variable's value has changed to the value of the hand. dick is now equal to 5.


Math is done using these commands:

LONGDICK <value> (Addition)
SMALLDICK <value> (Subtraction)
HUGEDICK <value> (Multiplication)
TINYDICK <value> (Division)

Each of these do their respective operations on the value of the hand and the value given. Example: (hand is equal to 4)

LONGDICK 8==D -> 4+2=6

The hand is now equal to 6. Alas, it is the same for all other operations.


Printing values to the console is simple.


It prints out the value of the hand (e.g. 5) to the console. However, what if you want to print it as a character?


That prints it in its ASCII form (e.g. using the hand's value as a char code).

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