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Cipher is an programing language by User:ChuckEsoteric08.


The Code is any number. 5 substracted from it and result is divided by 17. Then it is reads every 2-digit number, multiply it by 3 and execute it:

Result Operation
33 Push 1 to the stack
42 Pop a and b. Push a+b
51 Pop a and b. Push b-a
66 Pop a and b. Push a*b
87 Pop a and b. Push b/a
90 Duplicate element on top of the stack.
96 Start loop while top is not 0
99 End loop
3 Output top of the stack



This program pushes the number one (1) twice onto the stack, pops and adds these items, pushes the sum, and prints the same.



The following program prints the numbers from four (4) down to inclusive one (1) by employing a loop in conjunction with subtraction:



  • Common Lisp implementation of the Cipher programming language.