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Braktif is a 28-state cellular automaton, defined in ALPACA by Chris Pressey in 2005, which simulates the action of a language very similar to both Smallfuck (in terms of instruction set) and Archway (in terms of program structure). It was ostensibly designed as yet another test of the wire-crossing problem, but it is far more likely it was just done for entertainment.

Example program

The Smallfuck program


corresponds to the Braktif program

000000000000000000  *[-----  --]
-----------------d-i--         --------

The above program demonstrates some of the features of Braktif. The symbols []><* represent instructions, in the manner of Smallfuck. The i represents the instruction pointer, which reacts to the instructions. The d represents the the data pointer and the series of 0's represents the data store (which may be considered extending infinitely to the left.) The series of -'s represent a bus along which the data pointer and the instruction pointer communicate by sending each other messages. The code must be structured a certain way, with each nested while loop "one level up" from the loop that contains it, in the manner of Archway.

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