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Chris Pressey has been a member of the Esolang community from the time of his invention of Befunge in 1993 to present, most actively during the years 1997 to 2002.

Starting in 1995, he ran the Befunge Mailing List, which experienced a surge of activity in early 1997 after the Befunge web page was listed as Geek Site of the Day. Shortly thereafter, he maintained a web page titled Esoteric Topics in Computer Programming. The Befunge Mailing List evolved into the Esoteric Topics Mailing List, and it was at this point that the designation "esoteric" began to be attached to esoteric programming languages.

While the Esoteric Topics web page is now defunct, this wiki serves as a much more comprehensive and well-researched modern-day equivalent.

Chris is the designer of many programming languages, mostly esoteric. These include ALPACA, Befunge, SMETANA, RUBE, RedGreen, SMITH, Hunter, noit o' mnain worb, Squishy2K, Shelta, Strelnokoff, Version, and 2iota. He is also a co-designer of Wierd. He has written implementations of a handful of other esolangs, including Brainfuck (PIBFI) and Muriel.

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