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Not to be confused with brainfuck.
Designed by User:timothytomato
Appeared in 2024
Computational class Total
Reference implementation Unimplemented
File extension(s) None

brainword is an esolang created by User:timothytomato.


All commands in a program must be separated by a space or new line, or an error will immediately occur when trying to run it.

Command Description
heck Increments the selected accumulator.
frick Decrements the selected accumulator.
crap Switches the selected accumulator.
hell Repeats the following command by the amount of the selected accumulator when this command is run.
shit Outputs the ASCII character corresponding to the amount of the selected accumulator to the console. If it is not a valid ASCII value, an error occurs.
fuck Recursively deletes the root folder of the current system the program is running on and terminates the program.


Every time a brainword program is run, two accumulators are initialized, both starting at 0. There are several cases where a program can reach an error. They are:

  • Commands in a program are not all separated by a space or new line.
  • The current command is not a valid command.
  • The value of any of the accumulators are outside the 32-bit integer range.
  • The value of the selected accumulator does not correspond to a valid ASCII character, and the shit command is run.
  • All commands also have a 1% chance of an error occurring anyway, even if the above conditions are not met.

In any case, when an error condition is met, the fuck command is run and the program halts.


Hello World

For now this only outputs HI because User:timothytomato is lazy.

heck hell heck hell heck hell heck hell heck hell heck hell heck heck heck heck heck heck heck heck heck shit heck shit

Render your computer unusable



There are no implementations yet because User:timothytomato is lazy. Feel free to add some though.