Brainfuck: Free Version

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Brainfuck: Free Version (or brainfuck: free version) is a subset of brainfuck premium (or Brainfuck Premium), which is essentially brainfuck. It is made as part of this repost chain on wasteof.


In the post, it is written:

brainfuck premium:

without it you cant:[sic]

  • use +, [], and ,

Thus, the commands of brainfuck: free version are:

Command Description
> Move the pointer to the right
< Move the pointer to the left
- Decrement the memory cell at the pointer
. Output the character signified by the cell at the pointer

Computational class

Since brainfuck: free version doesn't have any control loop whatsoever, this language always halts, making it not Turing complete.


Trivial brainfuck substitution style interpreter.

eval ';'
#       '+'=>'m[p]+=1;',
#       '['=>'(',
#       ']'=>')while((m[p]&=255)!=0);',
#       ','=>'m[p]=STDIN.getbyte if !STDIN.eof;',
        '.'=>'putc m[p];')