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Alpha is an esoteric programming language that is part of a series by User:Infinitehexagon on Greek esolangs that will be a derivative of the previous esolang with more commands, less commands, or modified commands. So far it has 6 commands.


Alpha Description
+ Increment the accumulator by the amount of α(Alpha) following it
- reverse the value of the accumulator eg. 72->27. If the reversed value is greater than 255 then set the accumulator to 0.
$ output the accumulator's Unicode value
[ jump to the "]" instruction by the amount of times α(Alpha) follows it. (Leave blank for infinite loop)
] Jump back to the "[" instruction.
a."(instructions)" read input of instructions and execute them in the program, then append the result into the accumulator

Alpha Programs

Hello World

~Comments go at the top of the program~

Truth machine

~Remove the alpha for 0~

Print the greek alphabet

~Multiply 35 by 26 and add 3, then print unicode values 913 to 969.~

Input Problem

The "a" command does not count as input, as it doesn't necessarily take user input, but takes input as a self-interpreter.