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AEWNN (or An esolang with no name) is an esolang created by User:ResU in 2021.


There are two types of variables: letter variables and VariablesWithNoName. There is only one VariableWithNoName, and numbers get stored in it. Those numbers can have a maximum value of 52. The default letter variable used to store letters is a, but there can be additional letter variables (b, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, o, q, s, t, u, v, w, x, y, and z). Those letter variables can be added by simply typing the name of the letter variable.


AEWNN has the following commands:

Cmd Description
+ Increments the value of VariableWithNoName by 1.
c Converts the value of VariableWithNoName to the corresponding letter variable.
For example, 52 would get stored to A as z, and 26 would get stored to A as Z.
p For example, pEXAMPLE prints the letter stored in EXAMPLE.
r Converts the letter stored in a letter variable to the corresponding number.
Prints a space.
[] For example, [3++++cpa] would print ddd.
r2 Resets VariableWithNoName to 0.


The only error displays when VariableWithNoName is larger than 52. It is Value too big.


Hello World

[8+]cpar2[5+]cpa[7+]cpacpa+++cpa [8+]cpar2[15+]cpa+++cpar2[12+]cpar2++++cpa

Quine by error

There are an infinite number of quines in this esolang, starting with the following:

Value too big.