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Designed by Mario0Fan
Appeared in 2022
Dimensions one-dimensional
Computational class Total
Reference implementation Interpreter and compiler
Influenced by brainfuck
Influenced ABPLWNL but with stack !I!M!P!O!S!S!I!B!L!E!
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The ABPLWNL logo.
Who needs loops? - Mario0Fan 2022

A Bad Programming Language With No Loops is a Esolang made by User:Mario0Fan


ABPLWNL has only 2 variables you can use, 10 commands and no loops

List of commands
Command Description
1 Increments A by 1.
2 Decrements A by 1 if its not 0
3 Swaps A and B.
4 If B is not 0, B is decremented by 1 and A is incremented by 1.
5 Adds the value of B to A and sets B to 0.
6 Prints the value of B
7 Prints an unicode character corresponding to the unicode value of B
8 Sets A to 0
9 Sets B to an integer the user has typed in.
a Skips the next command if A is equal to 0

I didn't know what shortcut to give to these commands, so they're numbers and random letters.


Here are some examples.

Simple Adder


How it works

First it asks for input (9)

Then it moves the input from B to A (3)

Asks for input again (9)

Adds B to A (5)

The answer is in A so we swap (3) and then print out the value (6)

Hello World program

thats what you get for not having loops

A hello world program prints out "Hello World!" to the screen. Looking at this... brainfuck isn't that scary now

brainfuck's hello world program:


How it works

im not even gonna answer that you just put some numbers in and it works

One Time Cat program

A cat program repeats what you said. But since you cant input a string, it will repeat a integer you said. And since this esolang has no loops its not forever


How it works.

It asks the user for input (9)

and prints it out (6)

Interpreter and Compiler


The interpreter I made is made in python, and at the end of the program the interpreter prints out the variables (ex. a= 0 b= 4)

Click here to open the interpreter in replit



The compiler just asks for the code and prints out some python code that will do the same thing as the interpreter would if you run the code.

Click here to open the compiler in replit