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Designed by Mario0Fan
Appeared in 2022
Dimensions one-dimensional
Computational class Total
Reference implementation Interpreter
Influenced by ABPLWNL
File extension(s) {{{files}}}

!I!M!P!O!S!S!I!B!L!E! is an esolang made by User:Mario0Fan

It is designed to be a pain in the butt to use.

It has no loops, only 2 memory cells to use and the commands are different every time you execute a command.

How it works

!I!M!P!O!S!S!I!B!L!E! has 3 commands that can execute ABPLWNL commands

Command Description
> Moves the command pointer right
< Moves the command pointer left
. Executes a command that the pointer is currently pointing to.

The command pointer looks at a list of commands. This list of commands is just a list of ABPLWNL commands without the skip command.

Command Description
1 Increments A by 1.
2 Decrements A by 1 if its not 0
3 Swaps A and B.
4 If B is not 0, B is decremented by 1 and A is incremented by 1.
5 Adds the value of B to A and sets B to 0.
6 Prints the value of B
7 Prints an unicode character corresponding to the unicode value of B
8 Sets A to 0
9 Sets B to an integer the user has typed in.

The commands that move the pointer are shifted right after any command.


Command list before a command:
Command list after a command:

This makes it really hard to code in this language.

*im bad at explaining*


A program that prints 1


If the commands weren't shifted, the code would look like this:


ASCII code to ASCII character

This program gets input from the user (one number) and outputs an ASCII character corresponding to the ASCII code.


If the commands weren't shifted, the code would look like this:


Interpreter and other stuff

interpreter in python (replit)