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This is still a work in progress. It may be changed in the future.

2/9 of an esolang is an esolang made by User:Cortex in order to make doing anything relatively easy, but long-winded and inconvenient.


Every line of code must be exactly 21 characters, the first 6 of which (excluding the first character) are ignored, but still must be syntaxically correct. Also, the first character of every line must be equal to the result of the JavaScript expression String.fromCharCode((130*[line number])+6) where [line number] begins with 136.


Character What it does
% Push the number 2/9 onto the stack.
Divide the top stack value by 8.
4 Multiply the top stack value by 24.
Q Add the top 2 stack values, then subtract 4.
@ Print "Hello, World!".
6 Print the top stack value as an ASCII character.
# Wait 3.5 seconds.
(i.e. U+202E RIGHT-TO-LEFT OVERRIDE) Reverses the order of the top three stack elements, then pops a stack element and jumps to the nth line, where n is the popped element.
÷ Take the top stack element modulo the second stack element, then square the result.
I'll make this good later but for now here's this. If ais523 is reading this then go ahead and add stuff cause im out of ideas. Just keep this message here Example
Example Example
Example Example
Example Example
Example Example


Hello, World!

Takes 49 seconds to execute. Notice that first character, not a printable character though, is actually U+0088 in UTF-16 in order to satisfy the restriction of first character.