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2dFish is a 2D esoteric programming language made by User:WhoeverKnew123 for fun.


The syntax is the same as deadfish most of the time. 2dFish also has befunge-like arrows! The arrows are up: ^ down: v left: \ and right: /


The program above this text outputs 27 to the console. (@ is the symbol to terminate program.)

Computational class

Not turing-complete. No flow control or anything. It's just deadfish in 2d.


Instruction Description
i Increment accumulator
d Decrement accumulator
s Square accumulator
o Integer Output accumulator
a ASCII Output accumulator
/ Set pc direction to right
\ Set pc direction to left
v Set pc direction to down
^ Set pc direction to up
$ Input string and store into string variable
% Input integer
(string) Store string to string variable
* Output string variable's value and remove value from string variable
@ Terminate program


Hello World!

/(Hello World!)v
 @aaaaaaaaaaaa \


/(Hello World!)*@

Cat program



A C++ interpreter by User:Bangyen.