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Welcome to Esolang! Thanks for helping out, I appreciate what you're doing.

However, quite a few users have complained about some of the things you're doing. In general:

  • There's no need to link to a page more than once on a page, or worse, multiple times in the same paragraph; linking to a page once to define a word is useful, but a reader won't need it defined again and again. (You can read Wikipedia's guidelines on this at wikipedia:Wikipedia:Overlinking; Esolang's rules are not necessarily the same, but the advice is still generally useful.
  • On some pages, like BF2C, there's not a lot you can usefully say. In such cases, it's better just to write the sentence or so that you wrote in the original article, which is what I've done on brainfuck; it'll be a lot easier for a reader to read the information there than have to follow a link.
  • As per Esolang:Policy, don't link to user pages without the User: prefix being clearly visible. This is because people are allowed somewhat more latitude in their User: space than on the rest of the wiki, and thus readers should be warned where the link is going.
  • Remember to sign your posts on Talk pages; the easiest way to do this is to type four tildes, ~~~~.

Thanks anyway for all your help! --ais523 20:36, 25 July 2010 (UTC)

Hey Madk, you created Surface, correct? I've got a couple questions, as some of my friends and I over at PPCG are making a graph of esoteric languages.

- What was your inspiration for Surface, and
- Are you a member of PPCG?

Thanks, and please let me know! Regards, --MD XF 07:12, 18 June 2017