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I am YamTokTpaFa. I am an alternative one of YamTokWae but lost its password, sadly.... Therefore I had no choice but to make a new account, like this.

...what!? How useful that I can use this: <pre class="rectwrap">...your code goes here...</pre>

/A14!4 study

Distinguish Pxemf~ and Qyfn. Qyfn: has double stacks Pxemf~: with more instructions and flow controlling

... what?! This is NOT Wikipedia?! Then, ? Nothing happens....

...Edit. Shouldn't I use {{#tag:math}} yet? Also when was <math> tag introduced? Should have I noticed earlier.

{{infobox proglang
|name       = 
|paradigms  = 
|author     = 
|year       = 
|typesys    = 
|memsys     = 
|dimensions = 
|class      = 
|refimpl    = 
|majorimpl  = 
|dialects   = 
|influence  = 
|influenced = 
|files      =