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Kang Seonghoon, as known as tokigun or lifthrasiir, is a South Korean programmer interested in esoteric programming languages, especially Befunge variants. I am lifthrasiir in #esoteric.

Interested languages

I have designed the following programming languages:

  • Versert, Befunge-like language without stack.
  • XUMUL, self-modifying XML-based language.

I have been related to the languages:

  • Aheui, first known esolang designed for Korean. I heavily participated in the development of Aheui.

I have also implemented several languages since 2005. Most of these implementations are now collectively known as Esotope project:

My current main project w.r.t. esolangs is Esotope, an integrated framework for implementing esolang implementations. I plan to port my original implementations to esotope as well.

(Note: These repositories are also mirrored at Bitbucket.)