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Hello esoteric programmers! Welcome to my home in this wiki!

I am a stranger boi from the land of yoga, temples, and spicy food. You may call me Moon for short no, don't. Calling me SunnyMoon is better (Sunny is already my brother's nickname). I am also a person with an interest in esolangs! (I actually have interests in a lot of things, e.g this).

Though I loathe studying and school, I love mathematics, sciences, linguistics, and maybe a teeny bit of history and politics here and there.

My programming experience

The actual first language I learnt is Python. I still know some basics of it today. I made some cool programs, like a tic tac toe mini-game in Python. However, Python was very simple and, honestly speaking, hard to read. I later switched to another language - C# (unfortunately, C# does not have an official website). To this day, C# is my favourite practical language, because everything ' makes sense ' in C#. I also learned a bit of the web building trio (HTML, CSS and Javascript).

Nowadays, I make games using the Unity game engine (with C#).

I suddenly came across the Wikipedia article about esolangs and brainy boi. This enhanced my idea about programming theory. I immediately got tangled to all these different weird languages, so now look at me having an apartment on this wiki.

Languages I know

  • C#
  • Python
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Numerous esolangs (I am trying to read about every one of these enchantments, and also, in fact, creating C# interpreters for the ones I can)
  • English
  • Hindi
  • Bangla
  • Nederlands
  • Bits of many other languages that I am still learning, either passively or directly, both natural and programming-related:
    • C++
    • C
    • Java (Not Javanese)
    • PHP: Hypertext Preprrocessor: Hypertext Preprrocessor: Hypertext Preprrocessor: Hypertext Preprrocessor: Hypertext Preprrocessor: Hypertext Preprrocessor: Hypertext Preprrocessor: Hypertext...
    • Español
    • Français
    • Sanskritam Bhasham
    • Nihongo (I swear I am no weaboo, I was born in Nippon and I like that place)
    • Englisc
    • Deutsch
    • Zhongwen

Languages I made

Sadly, I have made none.

What I am doing

  • Creating the articles of the languages that are on TIO but not on this wiki. I have to beg divine beings for time for this.
  • Creating a ESOLANG game I will possibly publish to
    • The current idea is about being stuck in some facility with enormous, physical, and visual esolang compilers. The player has to get strips of STDOUT as passcodes that the player can scan. I need more planning though, and before that I need to 1) make an appropriate debut game (not prioritized) 2) revive my YouTube channel 3) Study for 90% of the time :(.
  • Oh, yes... I have a YouTube channel where you can see me live (Don't worry, it is not a vlog channel): (This is the link of my first video - not my channel - because guess what? My YouTube is blocked!)
  • I also have a discord account, but guess what? Discord is also blocked!
  • idk tell me what to do. If you need any help in anything feel free to ask me on my talk page.
  • Many things (I will not open my life to you).

Esolang Projects

You can find all my esolang projects here (If there are some).

Final message

Last of all,

thanks for stopping by! :D

Yes, I am in the category: