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Inventor of Immi, There Once was a Fish Named Fred, Oz (not the non-esoteric Oz), Animosian, Sploosh and Text Binary, along with being the original author of the loop without output concept post. One of the only people who recommends that professional programmers should start incorporating esolangs (especially Rockstar), and also recommending that more academics should analyze the computational class and other aspects of Waduzitdo, though I wouldn't recommend it to most professional programmers due to its lack of features. I consider Waduzitdo a lost historical gem, and even retro computing websites don't discuss it much, yet, as User:ais523 pointed out on his edits to the Waduzitdo page, there is some interesting finite-state machine stuff going on with it that I would have never dreamed of. So I am going out of my way to introduce Waduzitdo to more people, as I am starting to realize that it doesn't even get discussed much within the esolang world, and even esolangers aren't aware of it, including myself before February 2023.