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'Ello there. This is my user page. On IRC, I also go by the nickname of Roger9. See my entries below, great and terrible.

My self-evaluation system

I've noticed a tendency for me to look back on my previous esolangs, and say, "...Wow. They suck." This is why I have set up a self-evaluation system where I create an esolang now, and look back on it later and see whether it sucks or not. So far, my success rate is... really low. I should honestly consider only publishing esolangs with unique concepts, such as Rule down below.

Before, I simply had a list of the really terrible esolangs at the top, and hopefully better esolangs below, but I have re-organized the homepage so only actual, decent esolangs are at the top. Scroll down at your own peril.

Esolangs of mine that I consider decent, or are yet unevaluated

In the table directly below, ratings that are surrounded by parentheses and italicized are recent, and may change in the future, and computational classes which are formatted similarly have no formal proof, and are largely educated guesses. The langs present below this one, however, do not have any such formatting at present.

Esolang Description Computational Class Self-evaluation
Fi A purely functional, imperative programming language. ?
C() C, but with first-class functions. ?
BASICER Elevated from the *absolutely* terrible section because it isn't too bad. BSM with unbounded input (6/10). An interesting-ish concept.
QWOP A slightly more non-useless, and slightly less non-toxic, version of HQ9+. BSM with bounded input 7/10. This wasn't bad even if it is a bit simple.
HI9+ Helping esolangers quine in their new esolangs since 2017. Joke language, not applicable 8/10. It doesn't determine whether the interpreter can quine at an arbitrary point.
Rule Enjoy using an esoteric slide rule. (Turing-complete) 9/10. Was an interesting concept.
Basicfuck Language designed to compile into brainfuck. (Turing-complete) 7/10. Eh.
Swapfuck Brainfuck, but you can only swap values. (LBA) thanks to User:Quintopia 8/10. Pretty interesting but not that big of a deal.

My mostly terrible esoteric languages (12017 HE - ∞+10000 HE)

Esolang Description Computational Class Self-evaluation
Transistor It's all about transistors. and variables. and loops. oh. and resistors. Turing Complete (probably) 0/10
Oracle Explores the idea of a halting oracle, and being sued by Oracle. Super-Turing Complete (Halting Oracle) 0/10
Zeno Designed to run on the Infinity Machine or the Zeno machine. Super-Turing Complete (Supertasks) 0/10
Image Simple, and easy to learn, yet elegant. Super-Text Complete (Graphics) 0/10
Assignless You can't assign variables. 2/10
K Enjoy creating real numbers. 3/10
Ð Enjoy doing things a fractional number of times. 3/10

My *absolutely* terrible esoteric programming languages (12,999,999,999 BHE - 12017 HE)

This is a compilation of terrible esolangs, before I started creating esolangs that were actually worth enough to rate, and clearly before I learned how to create and format wiki tables.

My (also bad) esoteric non-languages

Esononlang Description Self-evaluation
Khartridge An alternative to cartridges. Enjoy losing your favourite games in 3 months. 2/10