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Beginners' All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code, Esoteric Revision, also named BASICER is an esoteric programming language designed by User:Rdococ.


BASICER has five instructions.

Instruction Description
CLEAR Clears the console and the screen. Self explanatory.
PLOT X Y Z Gives point (X, Y) on the screen a color of Z. No mathematical operations are allowed.
PRINT ABC Prints ABC. Also self explanatory.
PAUSE Pauses the code. User must press a button to continue.
GOTO 9 8 If there is only one line number specified, go to that line. But if there is more than one number specified, allow the user to choose. Note that the user isn't told what the line numbers are, and must type 1 for the first choice, 2 for the second choice, and so on.

An example

This is an example of a BASICER program.

20 PRINT You wake up in a dark room! What do you do?
30 PRINT 1) Go to the door towards the south
40 PRINT 2) Go to the door towards the north
50 GOTO 60 110
70 PRINT The door closes behind you, and all of a sudden,
80 PRINT you fall asleep on the most comfortable bed ever.
100 GOTO 10
120 PRINT You're outside! Yay!
130 PRINT Press any key to play again.
140 GOTO 10