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The title of this article is incorrect because of technical limitations. The correct title is poiuy_qwert.

My actual screen name for mostly anything on computers is poiuy_qwert but because of the limitations I had to resort to Poiuyqwert :(.

I am the creator of Piet-Q but never wrote an interpreter for it because I went on to start writing Omegaplex, a Gammaplex variant that is a lot less basic than Deltaplex, but a bit of an improvement on Gammaplex (at least in my opinion).

Gammaplex is my favorite esoteric programming language. I have written a few programs and put them on the Gammaplex page. If all goes well though my favorite esoteric programming language will most likely be Omegaplex :P.


Esoteric programming languages I've created:

I also created an interpreter for 2L (all implementations can be found on the corresponding language page).

Tiny Python based Brainfuck interpreter

This is my source code size optimized Brainfuck interpreter. It is currently 600bytes exactly, while still having user friendliness and other features which make this stand out as a Python based BF interpreter.

from os import system as r
s,l,d,p,b,i,o,e=raw_input('Code: '),0,{},0,[],0,"",'cls'
if r(e):e='clear'
while l < len(s):
 if i:
  if c == '[':b.append(l)
  elif c == ']':
   if len(b) == i:l=b[-1];i=0
   del b[-1]
 elif c in '<>':p=(p+256-(61-ord(c)))%256
 elif c in '+-':
  if not p in d:d[p]=0
 elif c == '.':o+=chr(d.get(p,0));r(e);print o
 elif c == ',':d[p]=ord((raw_input('Input: ') or ['\x00'])[0]);r(e);print o
 elif c == '[':
  if not d.get(p,0):i=len(b)
 elif c == ']':
  if d.get(p,0):l=b[-1]
  else:del b[-1]


If you really wanted to email me you can get my email by running this BF code: