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The title of this article is incorrect because of technical limitations. The correct title is poiuy_qwert.

My actual screen name for mostly anything on computers is poiuy_qwert but because of the limitations I had to resort to Poiuyqwert :(.

I am the creator of Piet-Q but never wrote an interpreter for it because I went on to start writing Omegaplex, a Gammaplex variant that is a lot less basic than Deltaplex, but a bit of an improvement on Gammaplex (at least in my opinion).

Gammaplex is my favorite esoteric programming language. I have written a few programs and put them on the Gammaplex page. If all goes well though my favorite esoteric programming language will most likely be Omegaplex :P.


Esoteric programming languages I've created:

I also created an interpreter for 2L (all implementations can be found on the corresponding language page).

Tiny Python based Brainfuck interpreter[edit]

This is my source code size optimized Brainfuck interpreter. It is currently 600bytes exactly, while still having user friendliness and other features which make this stand out as a Python based BF interpreter.

from os import system as r
s,l,d,p,b,i,o,e=raw_input('Code: '),0,{},0,[],0,"",'cls'
if r(e):e='clear'
while l < len(s):
 if i:
  if c == '[':b.append(l)
  elif c == ']':
   if len(b) == i:l=b[-1];i=0
   del b[-1]
 elif c in '<>':p=(p+256-(61-ord(c)))%256
 elif c in '+-':
  if not p in d:d[p]=0
 elif c == '.':o+=chr(d.get(p,0));r(e);print o
 elif c == ',':d[p]=ord((raw_input('Input: ') or ['\x00'])[0]);r(e);print o
 elif c == '[':
  if not d.get(p,0):i=len(b)
 elif c == ']':
  if d.get(p,0):l=b[-1]
  else:del b[-1]


If you really wanted to email me you can get my email by running this BF code: