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Deltaplex is an esoteric programming language developed by Lode Vandevenne. It was designed to be the successor of Gammaplex. Deltaplex code is to be read from a PNG image that is decoded into a 32-bit RGBA buffer. The main reason for this is not because it's funny to read code from an image, but because this is the best way to store textures in code. Deltaplex supports 3D graphics, hence the need for textures.


Currently, the following features are mentioned in the specification:

  • Two stacks: an integer stack and a floating point stack
  • Pushing numbers read from code pixels
  • Stack operations
  • Program flow on the 2D code image
  • 2D graphics
  • 3D graphics: drawing of different types of OpenGL primitives
  • Texture mapping
  • Mouse and keyboard input
  • Basic math
  • Matrix and vector math
  • Self modifying code
  • Strings


There is an official interpreter available, that uses OpenGL as API.

Older idea

Initially, it was planned to make the language support:

  • Audio, where you're able to store audio files in the RGB data.
  • Saving data to the harddisk, in a special optional chunk in the png image only used by deltaplex.
  • 2D and 3D graphics.
  • A simple GUI.
  • Advanced mathematics, including matrix, vector and complex math.
  • Realtime keyboard and mouse input.

However, some of these features didn't make it into the current specification.

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