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a selfie

Hi, I'm Pixelated Starfish. I enjoy video game development, music, singing, and computer science. I drew a pixelated starfish, hence the name.

If you would like a logo for your programming language, reach out to me in the discussion page!

Implemented Languages


The sweet, charming little bundle of joy born of Heck and Starstuff.

Try Astridec here


The interpreter is still maturing, and easily bored. Repetition is boring!

Try Bedtime Here


I created Blood, also called Blood32, after watching videos by User:Truttle1. I was recovering from a nosebleed at the time, so I like to think I put my blood into the language. I had to get a keyboard cover!

Try Blood here


A metalanguage to run trivial bf substitutions and bf equivalents.

Try BrainSoup here

Broken Calculator

A Turing incomplete language in which source is prone to random crashes; this language features high-level operations for arithmetic with integers.

Try Broken Calculator here


Heck is designed such that source code is expressible as a hexadecimal number. This language is also designed such that the uninitiated will utter "What the heck?!" upon attempting to read source.

Try Heck here


An assembly style language that allows for the implementation of subroutines, or macros.

To try MacroBeep online, this repl is available. Beeps are silent because the IDE for cannot produce them.


A nondescript esoteric programming language.

Try Nondescript here


I created Something because I grew tired of the vague error message "Oops! Something went wrong!" on so many apps.

Try Something here


Anything ever typed can compile to a runnable program with Starstuff.

Try Starstuff here


Translator Handles Everything. A language designed to interpret arbitrary text as runnable code. It is Turing complete and can run bf programs with modified instructions.


A deque based language in which memory rotates, as if on a wheel. It is one of a small number of deque based languages that has an implementation.

Try Wheel here

Unimplemented Languages


Blood32 with macros


A programming language designed for the adult learner.


A hungry Turing tarpit


It's undeveloped.

Forget Me Not

A language with a very forgetful instruction pointer.


A language designed to interpret anything at all and run it.


One sleepless summer night, this language appeared.


You can call it S lander if you like.


A deque-based language filled with features for experimenting with computation on theoretical machines. Vessel is based on Blood32.


It is as the title suggests. The instruction pointer behaves like a toddler.

Bf Equivalents


Based off the nonsense word, "nagawooski" from a season five episode of Big Mouth.

Spider Giant

He is our hero!

Languages to Interpret Everything: How Anyone can Code


  • A language that describes chess games, such that a move in a game executes a program instruction. (This probably exists somewhere)
  • A Starstuff style language that can compile files (of any type) to Astridec, so no one can ever be correct in insisting that they cannot code.
  • A language that combines Blood and MacroBeep. It uses an arbitrary grid of one bit cells to abstractly describe computers that are also programmable. Blood 3, after Vessel

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