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Hello! I'm creator of various to brainfuck compilers and esoteric language theoretican. My work includes:

  • Izmit compiler series. Izmit 1 and Izmit 2 were partially lost when my HDD failed, but I have backups lying around so there is a chance I'll dig them, 3 (broken Unlambda generator, works for brainfuck now), 4 allowing translation to Brainfuck, Unlambda and asm.js. Izmit is generic C compiler targeting bfasmv2ab/3/4abc/5a.
  • I've proven that Seed is Turing-complete.
  • asm2bf / bfasm 1a/2ab/3/4abc/5a creator.
  • Made a few games in Brainfuck

My Github: KrzysztofSzewczyk