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UM8 a virtual machine created by User:Palaiologos for an Esolang reverse-engineering contest. The contest has finished in July 2020.


The only two implementations have been made for the contest and are downloadable here.

Instruction set (credit: Gibson)

0  quit
1  if r3 != 0 then r2 := r1
2  swaps r1 and r2
3  r1 := ~(r2 & r3)
4  output r3
5  r3 := input
6  swaps r1 and r3
7  r1 := next instruction + r2
8  next instruction after r2 := r1
9  r1 := next instruction
A  jump to r3 and set ip to r2
B  if r1 != 0 then r1 := 0
C  r1 := r1 >> 1
D  r1 := r1 << 1