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None1's ToDo list, inspired by Infinitehexagon's user page.


  • red: Things that I might/will do.
  • green: Things that I have already done.
  • blue: Things that I'm currently working on.


  • Create an esolang
  • Create 10 esolangs
  • Create 100 esolangs
  • Create 200 esolangs
  • Create 500 esolangs
  • Create 1000 esolangs
  • Implement an esolang
  • Implement one esolang not of mine
  • Implement 10 esolangs not of mine
  • Implement 100 esolangs not of mine
  • Implement Goldfuck
  • Write a polyglot in multiple esolangs
  • Make a partial interpreter for ErrorFull
  • Write a brainfuck program that determines whether a number is a prime
  • Make an interpreter for Brain-Flak in Python
  • Make an interpreter for Deadfish++
  • Make an interpreter for Chicken in C#
  • Make an interpreter for brainfuck in Powershell
  • Make interpreter(s) for Whitespace
  • Make an ELVM backend for Chicken
  • Make a minimalistic Python interpreter written in ELVM
  • Make a better golfing language and use it
  • Make an interpreter for Gofe