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About IFcoltransG

Human. Not dead at time of writing. Likes Esolangs. Between the ages of 9 and 99 (at time of writing). Writes almost-grammatical English sentences, at time of writing. Cryptic with own About pages.

If you have to use pronouns, try they/them/their.

Published Esoteric Languages

  • logOS - a procedural language themed around using a consumer operating system.
  • Collaborator on Bubbles - a language that describes operations on opaque indistinguishable bubbles nested in each other - with the unofficial esolangs Discord server.
  • Unpseudorandom - whipped up quickly, based on how Unrandom generates random brainfuck code from a seed, except with saner rules for code generation.
  • MESON - an esoteric knowledge representation format based on ESON - is not a programming language.
  • Aperture - a joke language created as an instinctual response to seeing an evocative name fall out of use.
  • Psyche - a mapping of Freud's threefold model of the human mind onto the SKI calculus, most likely as a trivial SKI substitution.
  • Rabbitsfoot - a list-processing language designed for a competition, designed so writing sorting algorithms is hard.

Unpublished Esoteric Languages

No comment.


  • A list of HQ9+ derivatives, which this humble esolanger will strive to maintain, with your help. May it be subsumed into its own category someday.

Non-esolang pages of personal pride (Pages with prominent contributions from yours truly.)