The chan-esoteric stack

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The title of this article is incorrect because of technical limitations. The correct title is The #esoteric stack.

The #esoteric stack is a software solutions stack based on the Principals of Eso. It is a ridiculously large stack, with too many things that nobody should ever use.

The Stack

Feel free to add whatever because WTFN. In no particular order, the #esoteric stack currently consists of:

  • Any non-esoteric (or really useful but esoteric) language (used to implement the rest of the stack). (preferably Python, unless Forth is an option)
  • EsoDB
  • An IRC bot
  • Pile.js
  • User:zzo38's Z-Machine implementation
  • A language consisting of nothing but an extended variant on call/cc
  • Any suitable CHIP-8 interpreter (preferably esoteric)