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Translated program:

Sound off
Lice supply
Submit gameplay examples to clean up the eight CEOs using Gaduo CK.
Rem (Jishou, Renard). As for having it, please make sure to inform us in more detail.
True name. Two sections of total rainbow sinus tachycardia,
On the right of the 31st day is the weather and on the 22nd day is the swan calendar, followed by the gods who compiled history for Emperor Ku.
Love only comes from the harsh cold
OCBZ Egg Cup Crown Prince and Old Slave have been showcasing their love for the country, hoping to be abandoned and unused in the simulation every time. I believe that
I don't know how hot it is. Seeking the Heavenly Tower, building a new house in the morning.
The pit viper is yin and yang, and requires patches or porcelain to bypass this proof.
Response sound:
The sampling rate for pit vipers and turtles is Tianlou
The cleaning of the Viper CBZ adhesive patch card allows for emergency reading of the shortened meaning.
There is no need to be 11 million copies, multiply and transmit 72. Ren Yin, 762 is running a horse, whether his character has shrunk or not is being tested by Huosu Ba.
Using sound, at 1440. Pay special attention.

You might notice that the translated program is incomplete, that is because in Baidu, unregistered users can only translate at most 1000 characters, so some content is trimmed off.


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