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StegFuck or StegBinaryFuck is a Binaryfuck derivative that encodes binary code in an image using Steganography. Created by User:Oshaboy in 2021.

I don't know if this even makes enough of a new esolang to fit the wiki. But I am uploading it anyway.


StegFuck images are created by encoding the Binaryfuck program in the image file starting from the top left corner, going right then restarting at the next line from the left. Each channel in each pixel has the least significant 3 bits changed to the binaryfuck command. Then the 32bit length of the program is encoded from the bottom right going left and (if the image is thin enough) up in little endian. This results in a similar looking image that encodes the entire program. This is called Steganography.

Unlike other Image based esolangs like Piet and 4BOD which are visually distinctive. StegFuck images look to the uninitiated just like regular images. Resulting in obfuscation by default. Steganograpy (and by extension StegFuck) works best on noisy detailed pictures with few flat and dark colors, such as photographs. Note that StegFuck programs will not be preserved after lossy compression (such as JPEG compression) or reduction in color space. Images may be compressed automatically when uploaded to some websites and services. So StegFuck programs will be filtered away.

Hello World
Cat Program
Lost Kingdom by Jon Ripley
The interpreter of the esolang "Nope."
Brainfuck interpreter
StegFuck TernLSB Polyglot Truth Machine
XKCD Random Number program


oshaboy's python implementation:

See Also

  • Braincopter: A very similar idea
  • TernLSB: A very similar idea, but uses ternary LSB's instead of binary ones.